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  • Local Internet Web Server
  • FTP Support
  • E-Mail address tied to Business Web Site

UnwiredWest has several options for hosting your web-site. You can have a non-DNS site hosted by us (http://www.unwiredwest.com/YOURNAME), or we can host your existing DNS-based site (http://www.YOURNAME.com).
If you already have a domain name, we can easily help you transfer it over to us, or if you are just starting out and need a domain name, we can assist you in that process also.
If you have questions, don't hesitate to call us!

We offer secure transaction processing (SSL) for E-commerce sites, allowing you to sell your
products and conduct your business on the Internet with confidence.

If you already have an existing site, consider our hosting plans. We can often meet or beat competitors pricing & services. Check out our current pricing information.

Description Monthly Fee Setup Fee Annual Fee Disk Space

Web Site (DNS) (example: yourname.com)
Includes 5 E-Mail Accounts

$10 $50 $35 1GB
Web Site (Non-DNS)
(example: unwiredwest.com/yourname)
$5** $25   10MB
Web Site (Non-DNS)
(example: unwiredwest.com/yourname)
$10 $25   10MB
Secure Web Site (DNS Only)
Includes 5 E-Mail accounts, additional accounts $2/month each.
$25.00 $150 $185 30MB
**$5 price for UnwiredWest customers only. Not available as a service by itself.
Prices are for hosting only, does not include e-mail or internet access account unless otherwise specified.


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