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Support personnel can be reached by e-mail at support@unwiredwest.com, or by calling 541-998-5555.

Also, check out our download page for important, helpful information.

Support Hours:
Telephone Support: 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday
Onsite Support (when necessary): 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday


What is FTP?

FTP is an acronym for "File-Transfer-Protocol". It is a method of communication which allows the transfer of files between your computer, and a remote system. Downloading means bringing files to your computer, while uploading refers to sending files from your computer to another. In some FTP programs, these processes are referred to as "getting" and "putting". Uploading via FTP is the most common method of publishing to the Internet.
If you're new to FTP, here is an excellent tutorial for beginners:
FTP New User's Guide from FTPplanet.com

What Are My FTP Settings?

You will be given a user name and password for ftp use at signup.
Your Host Address is ftp.unwiredonline.net
If you have your own domain name, your Host Address will be: ftp.yourname.com
After you log on, you will automatically be sent to your directory.


FTP Programs

Listed below are some of the most popular FTP programs with links to their download sites.

Visit download.com for ratings and reviews of these programs and many more.

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Do You Need a Firewall?

Anyone who surfs the Web can benefit from a hardware or software firewall whether you use dial-up or enjoy an always-on Internet connection. Many PC users believe that no one would bother breaking into their anonymous
home computer. Unfortunately, this is not true. Every computer on the Internet has its own IP address, a unique string of numbers that serve as a type of identification. Hackers often program their computers to scan random IP addresses and attack whenever a vulnerable machine is found. They don't need to know your machine personally to attack it. And this intrusion could cost you many files and programs -- especially if you have to reinstall your operating system without warning.



What a Firewall Can Do For You

Firewalls function like their namesake by providing a line of defense between computers that share information. The purpose of a personal firewall is to control the flow of information back and forth between your computer and
your Web server. A firewall examines all traffic routed between your computer and the Internet to see if it meets certain criteria. If it does, it is allowed in. If it doesn't, it is stopped. Protecting your computer from intrusion, the firewall keeps your machine from getting burned by destructive intrusions that could result in data loss or file corruption.

Click here for another great article on firewalls.

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How to Log On to Web Mail

1. You can easily check your E-Mail from Unwiredwest's home page at: http://www.unwiredwest.com.
2. When prompted with the Sign-In web page, enter your FULL E-MAIL ADDRESS and Password,
then click the Sign In button. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive.


How to Purchase A Domain Name For Your Website

Domain names are an essential part of communicating on the Internet. It's how you set yourself apart from the rest of the world. UNWIREDONLINE.NET is an example of a domain name. Microsoft.com is another example.

To obtain a domain name to use for your web site, you must purchase it through a Domain Registrant. The Domain Registrant we use and highly recommend is Network Solutions at http://www.networksolutions.com You
can use their online tools to search for domain names that haven't already been assigned to other businesses or individuals.

It is essential that the domain is registered correctly for your website to work. We always recommend letting us set up the domain you've chosen. We will bill you the amount we will be charged by the Domain Registrant, plus a small administration fee.

If you choose to register your own domain, you can purchase the use of a domain name for one or more years online with a credit card at http://www.networksolutions.com. When you go to register your own domain, there is some critical information you must enter to enable Unwired to host your website:

  • You must enter us as the technical contact for the new domain
  • You must specify Unwired's DNS servers to maintain the DNS entries for your new domain.
  • For both of these entries, you can look up the domain UNWIREDONLINE.NET using WHOIS.

Once you own your own domain, we can set up a website for you to begin editing.

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Can I Use My File Sharing (Peer-2-Peer) Program?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs are very popular amongst users who use it to share music and video files, but there are network usage and copyright issues with using them. Please view our FileSharing page for details.


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