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*Point-To- Point Connections / T1 Link Replacement


In today's competitive business environment, many businesses have more than one location to serve their clients. These locations have to be connected so that the users across the enterprise can access data and applications which is mostly maintained at the corporate location. Telco based T1 lines are most commonly used for such needs. These lines have a bandwidth limit of 1.5 Mbps and very expensive. Alternatively, some businesses use slower VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology to connect remote locations.

UnwiredWest's WAN Point to Point connection offering is able to offer a very cost effective alternative solution for the T1's or VPN's. We have a very wide coverage and reach most locations in the southern Willmette Valley with our network of 20+ sites and 50+ transmitters. Our backhauls includes a combination of redundant wireless backhauls and fiber connections to offer you a reliable network that can transport very data with very low latency and is scalable to meet your high bandwidth requirements.

Point-To-Point Private Network
We will design and implement a private network for your specific business environment where all of your traffic is routed through our network as if it is on your own private WAN cloud. Each location can be given dedicated bandwidth to meet your data capacity requirments. Depending on business needs, all internet traffic from the branch locations can be directly transported to the Internet, whereas all traffic meant for in-house services like Exchange Mail Services will be routed to the main locations where that service is being hosted. All links will be secured with industry standard encryption.

T1 Replacement (Voice + Data)
Many businesses use shared T1's for transporting voice & data between their branch locations. They have already invested in PBX technology that directly takes in T1 channels. We can support such scenarios where data/ voice breakouts are needed to emulate T1 connections. This way we can protect your existing investment in the network devices & the PBX equipment. We will work very closely with your technical team to plan, design and implement this solution so that the transition is smooth and painless.

For more information and to find out if these solutions will work for you in your specific environment, please contact us and one of our experienced network engineers will do a no-obligation assessment.


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