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We have been helping businesses with their Information Technology needs since 1990. Unwired West was formed as a joint venture between UnwiredOnline.Net and Computer Systems West (wireless division). Together we leverage our combined years of expertise to provide 'state-of-the-art' wireless technology solutions and quality services to businesses in the Willamette valley.

Business Class Internet Service
Unwired West can provide very high capacity , low latency wireless connections for your business which can provide you Internet bandwidth up to 10 Mbps , burstable or dedicated, synchronous or asynchronous - depending on your business needs. (More....)

UnwiredWest Point-To-Point Connections
We can provide state of the art wireless point to point links to replace your costly T1's. Apart from being cost effective, the bandwidth capacity is much more than the 1.5 mbps that the T1 can deliver. We will work with you to design and implement these T1 replacement links. we also have solutions that can even make your PBX work across your WAN - VOIP & non-VOIP. (More....)

Backup / Standby /Redundant Internet Connections
Internet service is one of the most critical tools for most businesses today and a disruption in the service might cost the business a lot in terms of revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction. For clients who would want to safeguard against such situations, we can provide very cost effective backup internet solutions wherein if your primary internet connections were to go down, our connection will help you remain connected to the internet. This can be designed and implemented to happen automatically. Once your primary connection is restored, it can automtaically switch you back too. (More....)


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