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*Redundant WAN Links / Backup Internet Connections


Many businesses rely very heavily on their Internet service to conduct and operate their day to day business activities. For these businesses, the Internet connection is a mission critical service and even a short period of disruption in this could mean loss of business revenue, employee productivity and also reputation for some clients. UnwiredWest can help you overcome this possible 'downtime' by providing a very cost effective backup/standby Internet connection.

Failover Internet Service
Whenever the primary Internet connection is down, the UnwiredWest Backup/Standby connection kicks in and users do not experience any downtime. Most of these connections are typically set up to failover automatically.
This is accomplished by 'perimeter devices' like a firewall and/or router. These days most of the 'perimeter devices' support automatic failover where if the primary connection is not available, it automatically switches to the backup/standby connection and vice-versa. Similar service is available also for WAN connections and Point-to-Point connections, where companies can use our wireless network with redundant backhauls to transport their data/voice in case their primary WAN link fails.

Load Balanced Connections
Some clients would want to use a secondary connection in active/active mode rather than a active/passive mode as mentioned above. A load balanced connection operates in an active/active mode where both connections are used simultaneously. This might be done just to increase overall Internet bandwidth capacity or for addressing specific needs like Quality of Service for certain incoming or outgoing services. These connections can also be used as load balanced WAN links to meet bandwidth demands between two branch locations connected by T1's.

For more information and to find out if these solutions will work for you in your specific environment, please contact us and one of our experienced network engineers will do a no-obligation assessment.


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