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How can I protect myself against viruses and worms?

Viruses and worms are a reality of being connected to the Internet. Every person or business is responsible for keeping their computer software patched and up-to-date to protect themselves and other Internet users from these threats. Please read our Protecting Your Computer document on how to keep yourself protected so that you can prevent problems for yourself and for others on the Internet.

A helpful site is maintained by Symantec Corporation, the makers of Symantec AntiVirus & Symantec Internet Security. Please visit http://www.sarc.com for a wealth of information on viruses since the beginning of time for computers.

This site contains the following types of information on viruses and worms:

  • virus names
  • how they work
  • how you get them
  • what they do
  • how they distribute themselves
  • how to remove them (removal programs you can download in some cases)
  • how to protect yourself from them

It's a good idea to visit http://www.sarc.com on a weekly basis to see what the newest virus threats are so you are aware of them.

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