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To configure an e-mail client for POP3 protocol, you will need the following information:

Server Type: POP3
Incoming Server: mail.unwiredwest.com
Outgoing Server: mail.unwiredwest.com

User Name or Account Name: Your FULL E-MAIL ADDRESS
Password: Your e-mail password

NOTE: If your email address is associated with your own domain, then substitute your server names for mail.unwiredwest.com. For example, if your domain name is SHINYWHEELS.COM, then your incoming and outgoing mail server will be MAIL.SHINYWHEELS.COM.

Note: The outgoing server needs to be authenticated with user name and password.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2003. Click Tools and select E-mail Accounts...


2. Select Add a new e-mail account and click Next.


3. Choose POP3 and click Next.


4. Enter the information highlighted in green.
(User Name: your E-mail address)
Click More Settings. (Note: Make sure the box near "Log on using Secure
Password Authentication (SPA)" is Unchecked)


5. Select Outgoing Server tab then check My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires
and choose Use same settings as my incoming mail server.


Click OK then Next and Finish.


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