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Configuring IMAP


General E-mail Information

Below is important information you will need in order to correctly configure your e-mail program.
Remember, if you need help you can always contact our technical support staff during regular business hours.

User Name (or Account Name):
You chose your user name when you first activated your Internet account.
Your user name is your FULL E-MAIL ADDRESS.

NOTE: If your email address is associated with your own domain, then substitute your server names for mail.unwiredwest.com. For example, if your domain name is SHINYWHEELS.COM, then your incoming and outgoing mail server will be MAIL.SHINYWHEELS.COM.

You chose your password when you first activated your Internet account with UnwiredWest.
You can change your password by calling us at 1-541-998-5555.
We are unable to change passwords through e-mail.


What is IMAP?
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a standard protocol for accessing e-mail from your local computer. IMAP is a client/server protocol in which e-mail is received and held for you on the servers. You (by using your e-mail client, such as Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger or Eudora) can view just the header information, which includes the sender and subject of the letter, allowing you to decide whether to download the message or not. You can also create and manipulate folders or mailboxes on the server, delete messages, or search for certain parts or an entire note. The user also has the option to save the messages locally.

What are the Benefits of IMAP?
Since you can view just the header information without downloading the entire message, you can delete large messages without wasting time for downloading them. Also, because the messages remain on the server, you can access your mail from multiple locations and ensure that your messages are always available for you. And, with the messages remaining on the servers if your computer crashes you don’t have to worry about losing your messages. The big advantage of the IMAP protocol is for the mobile user. The user just has to find a PC connected to the Internet to read their messages. The messages and folders are the same from every PC.

What are the Drawbacks to IMAP?
Unlike POP3, IMAP requires continual access to the server during the time that you are working with your mail. Also, because the messages are stored on the server, it becomes much easier to go over your disk quota. However, you can reduce this risk by taking specific steps to not leave your Sent Mail, Drafts or Trash on the server. And like any new service, there is a slight learning curve to get used to IMAP since most people are used to using POP3.



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